Pierre just got this bike from GOrilla . It's a trick frame with much clearence for barspin even on the size 52 (the one on the picture).
This frame is a prototyp so are this 48 spokes Miche wheelset !! Don't worry if don't like the fork, ; there will be a new fork soon, Gorilla is gonna make their own straight MTB fork in Italy with selected Columbus tubing. They will launch the frame in march, that is true (I hope), with a limited edition preproduction "prototype" series of 14 sets in the sizes 52 and 54, in the same orange color (Lamborghini Diablo Orange). The standard frame will is going to have the following specs:
- Oversize Columbus steel tubing
- cataphoresis treatment against corrosion
- wheel size 28", max. tire size 700x35
- 1 1/8" straight MTB fork
- ground clearance 285 mm
- rear stay 120 mm
- available in three sizes (52, 54, 56)
- hand made in Italy!

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